вторник, 24 января 2012 г.

Готовимся к играм :)

Мой ход подготовки к предстоящим баталиям виден в блоге. Однако и мои союзники-противники :))) не дремлют.
Олег с фантастической скоростью красит своих австрийцев

А Сергей во всю красит свои любимые "красные мундиры"

2Олег и Войз
Парни. Я бессовестно воспользовался фотографиями ваших работ ... :)))

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  1. These are great Vasiliy!!!
    I find white uniforms very tricky, you have done a fine job with the.

  2. Вась , да не вопрос , бери что и сколько надо.

  3. 2Paul
    Thanks for the nice review. Figures Austrians krasiol Oleg, but not me. I just posted them for that would show that the project SYW in the club impressed I am not alone.

    Спасибо, Олега. :)

  4. Nice Austrians, Vasiliy. The 15mm OG figures aren't my favourites but you (or one of your club-members?) have/has really brought out the best in them. Subtle work with the white! The red-coated infantry (Hanoverians?) are very dramatic as well.

    Thanks for the eye candy!


  5. Hi, Jim!
    Austrians painted my good friend, Oleg (here is the link to his blog http://allworldgame-oleg.blogspot.com/ ). British, and it is they and not Hanoverians, my dear friend and colleague, Sergei (this is a link to his blog http://das-voize.blogspot.com/). The three of us are preparing for the games based on the Seven Years' War and in his post, I wanted to show not only their work but the work of their colleagues in the hobby.
    Few people know abroad that the wargame in Russia and I wanted to have little to dispel this myth.

  6. Vasiliy,

    I have no idea what is going on in Russia for wargaming. I wonder if there are any companies producing figures that we don't hear about over here...? Nevertheless, it is clear that you have a group of like-minded people to paint and game with and that is what counts most. I am quite on my own where I am, so the painting is for me and those who read my blog, and games are solo. I'll have to teach my daughter to be my opponent! Thanks for the addresses of your colleagues' blogs, I'll go take a look at them.