воскресенье, 15 января 2012 г.


Начал сегодня подготовку к покраске первого батальона мушкетеров. Думаю это будет полк принца Фердинанда Прусского (IR №34)

За сегодня все зачистил, прокупоросил, отмыл и посадил на подставки

А так же покрыл всех черным грунтом

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  1. I hope so too, Ray :)
    Anyway, I make every effort to ensure that they made at the appropriate level

  2. Hi Vasiliy,

    Thanks for looking in at Despatches from Syldavia. You have a nice-looking blog here and your cavalry figures in the previous post are superb. I wish I could read Russian in order to see what you have to say. You are working on a 15mm SYW project with Old Glory figures I take it? Good work!



    1. Hi, Jim!
      Thank you for the flattering opinion of my work. As one friend said to me: "If you want to paint a figure well - you have to immure her in some kind of demon":) I really tried to do it.
      I really liked your blog. It is beautifully decorated, but in terms of information about the 17th century, it is simply gold mine of information.
      Given the fact that I recently bought the rights to "Field of Glory. Renaissance" - your blog is very helpful to me:)
      To read my blog in English I, on the advice of one of our Spanish colleagues in the hobby, hooked up Google translator. My own knowledge of English, unfortunately, not enough for a full blogging. :(
      Regarding SYW - my friends in our wargame the club want to run the project, based on the wars in Europe in the mid-18th century. Since we have chosen the rules imply the presence of the armies of about 700-1000 figurines, our choice fell on 15mm figures from Old Glory, Eureka and Blue Moon.
      We are all very happy with the choice:) Figures magnificent.
      I hope that we will both be more than one occasion to please each other for his work on painted figures, and just different interesting information.